Abstracts: International Palm Oil Sustainability Conference 2020: Module 2 – RENEWABLE ENERGY, CLIMATE CHANGE AND FOOD SECURITY
JOPEH 2020

The International Palm Oil Sustainability Conference 2020 (IPOSC 2020) is MPOC’s biannual conference that highlights the sustainability challenges and opportunities in the Malaysian palm oil industry to all stakeholders. This year, the 6th IPOSC 2020 will be hosted by MPOC on a virtual platform, comprising two modules, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting us globally.
Virtual IPOSC 2020’s Module 2 will feature presentations from experts from the agricultural research and palm oil sectors who will share their views on the recent development, challenges and possible solutions on renewable energy, climate change and food security how the recent COVID-19 has impacted these efforts, will be included. The topics include:
• Land Use Change and Indirect Land Use Change (iLUC) risk across vegetable oil crops
• Methane Avoidance
• Renewable Energy Policy
• Palm Oil & Deforestation
• Food Security
The complete set of IPOSC 2020 Module 2 presentations and videos can be accessed at the event website, www.iposc.org.my
3 November, 2020
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